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sexta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2012


O National Year of Reading 2012 foi oficialmente lançado a 14 de fevereiro, pela primeira-ministra australiana, Julia Gillard, que fez o discurso de abertura na National Library of Australia, Canberra. Nesse discurso afirmou:
 'I want Australia to be many things: a prosperous nation, an innovative nation, but I certainly want us to be a reading nation... I want every Australian to know the joy and pleasure that comes from books and reading.'

Simon Crean (Ministro das Artes):

‘The National Year of Reading is really important. Literature and telling Australian stories – our way, in our words – is so important to reinforcing our cultural expression ... Reading is important to the development of self. It is about knowledge. It is about expression. It is about confidence. And it’s also about pride in culture.’

Ted Baillieu, (governador de Victoria): 
'The National Year of Reading is about children learning to read, to appreciate the magic of books and to encourage avid readers to find new sources of inspiration. It's about that great tradition of storytelling to an enthralled audience and promoting a reading culture in every house.'

Anna Bligh (governadora de Queensland)
'Literacy the key our future and is vitally important to accessing education and employment and Literacy is the key to participating productively in society. That’s why, here in Queensland, we are committed to giving Queensland children a flying start in life and providing them with the foundations to build strong literacy and numeracy skills.’

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