“Well-run libraries are filled with people because what a good library offers cannot be easily found elsewhere: an indoor public space in which you do not have to buy anything in order to stay.” Zadie Smith

terça-feira, 3 de julho de 2012


(photo courtesy of William Duke/ WSJ website) 
“In the past, publishers and authors had no way of knowing what happens when a reader sits down with a book. Does the reader quit after three pages, or finish it in a single sitting Do most readers skip over the introduction, or read it closely, underlining passages and scrawling notes in the margins? Now, e-books are providing a glimpse into the story behind the sales figures, revealing not only how many people buy particular books, but how intensely they read them.” -Alexandra Alter Your E-Book is Reading You (WSJ) 
[via ebookporn]

Se tínhamos dúvidas acerca da progressiva e acelerada perda de privacidade na 'era digital', aqui está mais uma 'brecha'...

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